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Thonk at Brighton Mini Maker Faire this weekend

I’m exhibiting at Brighton Mini Maker Faire this Saturday (7th September) – Come along!

I’ll have my modular system burbling away to itself, stock for sale and working versions of many of the module kits I’ve sold to date. I’ll also have final prototypes of the ALM SID GUTS Eurorack module, which uses the classic Commodore64 SID sound chip.

It costs £5 to get in for adults, tickets are available on the door but you can avoid queues by booking in advance. Kids under 16 go free.

There are loads of  cool music and synth projects, hardware hacking, robots, Raspberry PI, 3D printers, submarines and even crazy bio-tech stuff. As well as just wandering around in an amazed daze, you can take part in practical workshops on the Sunday too. Thonk customers should feel at home!

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Expert Sleepers – Glow in the dark cables back in stock – New Sizes

We have a restock of Expert Sleepers Glow In The Dark patch cables, in a larger range of new sizes (15, 30, 45 & 60cm).

80cm cables are now discontinued so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We are also stocking the Expert Sleepers ‘Floating Ring’ cables, which are specifically designed for use with Expert Sleepers eurorack modules,  DC-Coupled interfaces and CV capable software such as Silent Way, Motu Volta, Max-MSP etc. These cables are also a great way of getting external audio into your modular.

FloatingRing   GC-50

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Turing Machine Expanders in stock

The Turing Machine Voltages and Pulses expanders are in stock. Voltages is already almost sold out, but It’ll be back on sale at the end of July.

I’ve decided that from now on, once a product comes into stock I’ll give people who have signed up to the wishlist for that product a grace period of at least a couple of hours to order… before I announce it publicly on Friendface and Twitter etc.

Also in stock, Thomas White LPG PCBs, Make: Analog Synthesizers book, Black Davies clone Knobs and Blue Banana plugs.


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New server and new products

Thonk has just moved to a dedicated web server, so if you’ve experienced a less than speedy browsing experience in the past things should be a lot better from here on in. Shooom.

We’ve also added a whole load of new products:

Thonk are on holiday right now but you can order as usual and shipping resumes on Saturday April 6th.

Coming very soon are Manhattan Analog CVP kits, J3rK 258J Euro kits, 258J Frac and 5U  format panels and much more.


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Manhattan Analog Mix and 4ms kits in stock

New Thonk stock March 2013

It’s been a busy weekend at Thonk HQ with six new kits in stock. We now have in stock full kits for the Manhattan Analog Mix module (4hp 3 channel high quality mixer) and the full spread of the wonderful 4ms kits (PEG, RCD + Expander, SCM + Expander). 4ms stock is leaving fast but there’ll be more coming next month.

Plenty more in the pipeline over the next few weeks. Manhattan Analog CVP, Turing Machine restock, J3RK Buchla 258J component kits, VERTER triple attenuator, AT-AT-AT restock, Tempcos, knobs and much more…

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Turing Machine PCB back in stock

Music Thing ‘Turing Machine’ random sequencer PCBs are back in stock

Full kits coming next week, sign up to be notified the instant they are available by hitting the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button here (it’s much more reliable than asking me to remind you!)

Manhattan Analog ‘Mix’ kits are all packed up and ready to go… just missing the pots, which are a month late now. Sorry for the delay.


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AT-AT-AT back in stock – New range of Davies 1900h clones

The easiest Eurorack module kit on the market™, the AT-AT-AT,  is back in stock, now with choice of knob colour.

Also we are now carrying a high quality range of Davies 1900h clone knobs with metal inserts in a range of colours. None of the shredded plastic threads you get on the cheap clones with these babies!

Also we’re very happy to inform you that a complete DIY kit of the mighty Manhattan Analog ‘Mix’ module is coming soon. This hi-fi 4hp three channel mixer is a perfect addition to the Thonk range.


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Last Few Turing Machine Kits on sale (AT-AT-AT and VERTER panels too)

If you check out the shop section of the site you’ll find the remaining few kits from the first batch of Turing Machine modules, a fresh run of AT-AT-AT panels and a brand new run of VERTER panels. AT-AT-AT and VERTER full kits will follow in the new year.

These will be the last additions to the site in 2012. We have SO MUCH planned for next year though, and we’ll be stocking products from some very familiar names.  2013 is going to be a very busy year at Thonk.

Happy holidays.

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Now stocking PJ301BM Jacks

We are now stocking the 3.5mm jacks commonly known as ‘Fight of Harmony’ or ‘Erthenvar’ jacks.

This is the latest version of the part, redeveloped by the manufacturer in November 2012 to provide very reliable switch contacting.

I will be using these jacks in the six kits I have lined up for sale in the first half of 2013. It’s going to be a good year!