Brexit – European Union FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Brexit for customers in the European Union. If you don’t live in the European Union the information below does not apply to you, read more HERE instead.

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Covid-19 has presented a much more immediate problem in 2021 than Brexit. We are navigating Covid ok so far without the major disruptions of 2020. Thonk remains in good financial health with an excellent team of people and a large amount of stock.

We have been exporting to non-EU countries since 2011 so Brexit hasn’t represented a major upheaval to our systems and processes. We’re unaffected by the problems slowing lorry and road traffic entering the EU as all our orders leave by air. Electronics attract low duty rates so we do not get affected either by the publicised problems affecting food produce entering the EU.

Our sales to the UK, USA and other non-EU nations are strong and have not be adversely affected by Brexit. We have mature systems in place to ensure our imports from the far east will continue to flow as required.

At Thonk we are saddened at being pulled out of the EU against our will. C’est la vie. We will adapt. We continue to ship orders to the EU in 2021 and demand remains high.

At Thonk and in our city of Brighton we remain as culturally and geographically European as the Swiss, Norwegians and Icelanders… you can argue amongst yourselves as to what that means 😉

No, because the UK has now left the european single market. EU customers will no longer pay VAT to Thonk on checkout.

Yes, because the UK has now left the EU customs union.
You should expect a similar level of charges as when you get a parcel from the USA.

You will be charged in the same way as Thonk customers in Canada, Australia, Japan etc. are. The postal carrier or courier will charge you for:

Duty – Typically 0-3% of the total depending on the specific products.
VAT – Charged at your local rate
Clearance Costs – Set by the postal carrier or courier. This is the fee they charge for collecting Duty and VAT for your government.

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In Autumn 2020 we secured a new shipping deal with Fedex which has resulted in much cheaper courier prices to the larger EU nations.

We will use this as well as discounted Royal Mail prices as a basis to reduce shipping prices for EU customers at the start of 2021 and then review based on customer response. Note however, we can’t currently predict how the Covid-19 pandemic might affect our services.

As a private customer in the EU you cannot. We are legally obliged to declare the true value of all our exports. You have always paid VAT on your Thonk orders, it is the Duty and customs clearance charges which are new.

Business customers can reclaim VAT on their UK imports in the same way as imports from other non-EU countries.

No, because the UK still left the single market and customs union. It just means there will not be punitive tarrifs applied.

The FTA is not a ‘default’ option that all UK businesses can instantly take advantage of. It represents a new mountain of paperwork for UK businesses to begin to navigate. We will investigate the fine print of that deal over the next 6-12 months to discover where we and our customers might benefit from it.

It is worth noting however that the majority of the duty rates on electronic components are relatively low, between zero and 3% typically so the benefits of the FTA to Thonk products is debatable. Often the customs clearance charge will be higher than the actual duty.

We decided to wait until the Brexit negotiations were complete and we had time to understand the deal before considering our next steps. We lost 6 months of our Brexit planning time in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We do not anticipate any major changes to our business model while the pandemic continues.

Laying off a part of our team based in the UK to employ workers in the EU instead is not a strategy we would consider.

No. We no longer charge VAT on any orders shipping to the EU, regardless of your business registration. We don’t need your VAT number.

Yes! We can’t wait to be back… Once again Covid-19 presents a bigger challenge than Brexit in this regard.

Yes, we don’t anticipate any major changes to where we source our stock from. We add and remove products and brands from the store all the time and our current strategy of what to stock will continue regardless of origin.

Yes, we hope to remain your first choice and are eager to work out new pricing based on your historical and predicted annual usage of parts.

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to email us.