Brexit – Great Britain

Frequently asked questions about Brexit for customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Brexit does not affect your experience when ordering from Thonk. You can expect the same service as previously and we do not expect any shock price rises in the short term.

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Covid-19 has presented a much more immediate problem in 2021 than Brexit. We are navigating Covid ok so far without the major disruptions of 2020. Thonk remains in good financial health with an excellent team of people and a large amount of stock.

We have been exporting to non-EU countries since 2011 so Brexit hasn’t represented a major upheaval to our systems and processes. We’re unaffected by the problems slowing lorry and road traffic entering the EU as all our orders leave by air. Electronics attract low duty rates so we do not get affected either by the publicised problems affecting food produce entering the EU.

Our sales to the UK, USA and other non-EU nations are strong and have not be adversely affected by Brexit. We have mature systems in place to ensure our imports from the far east will continue to flow as required.

We decided to wait until the Brexit negotiations were complete and we had time to understand the deal before considering our next steps. We lost 6 months of our Brexit planning time in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We do not anticipate any major changes to our business model while the pandemic continues.

Laying off a part of our team based in the UK to employ workers in the EU instead is not a strategy we would consider.

Yes! We can’t wait to be back… Once again Covid-19 presents a bigger challenge than Brexit in this regard.

Yes, we don’t anticipate any major changes to where we source our stock from. We add and remove products and brands from the store all the time and our current strategy of what to stock will continue regardless of origin.

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to email us.