7 dials – CV Express – Panel/PCB set

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Expression pedal interface, voltage processor and comparator.

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The CV Express module is an expression pedal interface for modular synthesizers that produces a variety of outputs for use in controlling other modules.

It offers three Control Voltage outputs. One that mirrors the action of the expression pedal, one that reverses it and one that can be a scaled version of either. Offset controls on all three channels allow the outputs to range between -5v-+5v and 0-10v.

The inclusion of a comparator producing gate and trigger signals enables the module to be used to generate timing events.

An additional CV input allows another signal to be mixed with the signal from the pedal, with the two offsetting each other. Alternatively just the CV input can be used and the module can be used as a CV processor or gate and trigger extractor.

The 7 dials team are currently working on a light sensor that can be plugged in instead of the expression pedal to use varying light levels as a control source. Details can be found in the documentation for those wanting to design their own sensors to plug into the module.

Link to video with some patch ideas for use: https://youtu.be/pwhQGuKUNYY

Technical details:

  • 8 HP
  • 45mm deep
  • Current Consumption tbc
  • Reverse Polarity protection.
  • Can run on 15 volts with no component changes and has a combined power header footprint.

To construct this module you will need the following tools:

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Phillips screwdriver.

Build Document:




Panel Control Guide

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