ADDAC308 Light to CV – Full DIY Kit

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This module converts incoming light into 2 Bipolar CV Streams

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This module converts incoming light hitting an external light sensor into 2 Bipolar CV Streams. The two outputs are:

  • Output: More light > Higher CV output
  • Inverted Output: More light > Lower CV output

The external sensor is enclosed in a jack socket in order to be used with any standard jack cable and placed anywhere outside the eurorack frame within the reach of your cable.

There are several controls to adjust the CV Output’s signals:

Sensitivity: Adjusts the Light Sensor sensitivity to light, the higher the sensitivity the better it responds to low light situations

Response: 3 fixed settings (medium/fast/slow) to set the slew applied to the raw signal coming from the sensor.

Gain: Sets the gain for both outputs

Offset: Adjusts the Offset for the main Output.

Inverted Offset: Adjusts the Offset for the Inverted Output.

ADDAC308 – Build Document


  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Power: ±50mA


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