AI006 Eurorack Stomp Box Adapter – Panel / PCB Set

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Guitar Pedal to Eurorack Send and Return Module

Note: this is a Panel / PCB set only – for Full Kit go here

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The AI006 Eurorack Stomp box Adapter is an updated take on a classic utility circuit that converts the higher signal levels of a modular system to the lower level signals that most stomp boxes are designed for.

The AI006 stomp box adapter solves two problems. From the Synth input to the “FX”out, the signal is reduced by a factor of 20 to match the signal levels expected by most stomp boxes. From the “FX” input to the Output, the signal is increased by a factor of 20. Passive attenuators are present on both the send and return in case the input or output levels are too great.

This diy stomp box adapter kit will not only familiarize yourself with IC Chips, Capacitors, and Resistors, it will also add a key utility module to your DIY Modular Synthesizer.

This is an ideal kit for a beginner learning DIY electronics, and requires no wiring at all! All parts are soldered directly to the PCB for ease of building and can be built in under an hour.

We recommend this kit as the second module you build. It is easy, and can be built in a single sitting. If it works, you are ready to build other modules.

This is a Panel / PCB set only – for a Full Kit go here

Build Document & BOM – Assembly Guide

More information from AI Synthesis on using pedals with modular:  Using Guitar Pedals with your Eurorack Modular System


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