ALM – Eurorack Powered Case (3U – 84HP)

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ALM present a new 84HP wide, 3U eurorack case with an integrated power supply.

Note: This is not a DIY kit – this case comes fully assembled

Optional - Decksaver Cover

Official Decksaver cover. Keeps your system protected, dust free and looking fresh.

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ALM present a new 84HP wide, 3U eurorack case design with an integrated power supply. The case features all anodised aluminium construction, on/off switch, rubber feet, and a high quality switched powered bus board with 16 keyed headers and 1 Amp maximum supply. This is a simple and compact single-row Eurorack case, perfect for small, focused systems, taking along on travels, or as a tabletop addition to a larger setup.


  • Aluminium lightweight 3U 84HP Case with integrated switched power bus.
  • Busboard supports up to 16 Modules with a total maximum 1 Amp power load on each rail.
  • Provides up to 1 Amp power on both -12V & +12V rails. (1A on -12V and 1A on +12V)
  • Requires 12-15v external DC/DC power ‘brick’ with center positive 2.1mm barrel and at least 2 Amp rating.
  • M3 threaded fixed mounting strips (no sliding nuts!)
  • Supports modules up to 42mm depth (approx 2 stacked pcbs). All ALM modules fit.


Power: +12V 1A / -12V 1A, quoted 100mV ripple noise at max load. No 5V rail.

Size: 84HP / 3U / 435 x 134 x 65mm

Max Module Depth: 42mm (Note: This case is not suitable for modules with 3 x PCB depth – eg. Dannysound Timbre & MML Filter, MTM Spring & digital brick – these modules are too deep to fit this case)

MTM Radio Music/Chord Organ and Prok Drums modules will fit in this case 

Power connector: 2.1mm center-positive barrel connector requiring at least 2A minimum power brick.


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