BASTL have discontinued the DIY kit of the DUDE as of March 2020

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The Bastl Dude is a portable battery-operated 5 channel audio mixer with mini jack inputs and mix output. Each channel has a dedicated mute button and up to +20dB gain to boost weak signals and saturate line level signals. The Dude is a monophonic mixer but has been designed so that it can drive your headphones, so it’s perfect for small portable rigs or creating sub-mixes on stage. It runs on four AA batteries (or external power supply) and it is almost as small as its battery pack. Because each channel has high enough gain – it can be turned into a tone generator by feeding the output back to an input thru a passive eq and other simple circuits.


  • 5 channel monophonic mixer
  • up to +20dB (10x) gain knob for each channel
  • dedicated mute button switch per channel (not click less)
  • dual mono output for driving headphones
  • powered by 4x AA battery or external adaptor 9-12VDC

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