Beast-Tek – Beast Box MIDI Pedal Synth – Full DIY Kit

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MIDI Pedal Mono Synth featuring 16 selectable waveforms.

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The Beast Box from Beast-Tek is 16 bit Mono Synth Voice in Pedal format designed to create wild and driving tones. The Beast Box is controlled via MIDI and features 16 different waveforms that are 16 bits in resolution – starting with Sine, Triangle, Tri-Square, Ramp, and moving through to non conventional / weird shapes – the last waveform is noise. The destroy switch enables a special XOR distortion which causes the main oscillator to be digitally XORed with the sub oscillator. The output VCA features a Vactrol based circuit with switchable long and short decay settings. There are also controls for internal FM, AM and feedback.

Beast Box – Assembly Guide


  • 16 Waveforms
  • Sub Oscillator
  • MDI DIN input
  • FM and AM
  • Switchable XOR distortion circuit
  • Vactrol based VCA circuit

Power Supply required: 5 – 12v DC with 250ma or more and center positive tip.

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