Beast-Tek – Amoeba Sequencer – Full DIY Kit

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Multimode Cellular/Algorithmic Rhythm Sequencer

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The Amoeba is a multimode Cellular/Algorithmic rhythm sequencer for creating complex and evolving rhythm patterns. At the core of Amoeba is an artificial intelligence based 8 channel algorithmic rhythm engine with full CV control to manipulate beat patterns. In addition to two beat modes, there is a rotating clock counter mode, rotating clock divider mode and cellular automation based mode.

  • Clock Counter mode can be used to count beats, bars and measures.
  • Clock divider mode can be used to obtain many different clock and beat divisions.
  • Cellular Automation mode allows the manipulation of organic trigger patterns from a cell grid based loosely on Conway’s Game Of Life algorithm.
  • Cell sampling shape, rotation and sampling position can be controlled to obtain a myriad of different patterns.​

See the User Manual for more detail on each mode. Ameoba – User Manual | Build Document


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