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Trigger Pattern Generator with Burst and Counter modes

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Pathogen is comprised of two separate tempo synchronised sections. The first section is a burst generator for trigger signals, with length, “physics” based density and its own clock divider/multiplier.

The second section is a four output pattern generator with eight modes:

1. Counter – Clock/measure/beat counter mode. PARAM selects one of 32 different counting patterns. The patterns are arranged in eight groups of four, each group of four has a different time signature. Starting from 2 through to 9. Use this mode to do boring predictable 2/4,3/4, 4/4 stuff OR go wild and spice up sequences, extend notes and clock sequencers in odd but super cool ways.

2. Divider – 4 pattern outputs, each is assigned a different clock division. PARAM selects 1 of 32 different clock divisions for each output. Use this with a logic AND/OR gate to spice up rhythms or sequences or any trigger/gate related function really!

3. Arrhythmia – Mathematically (and deliberately) messed up euclidean rhythms – each of the 4 outputs on a cycle that never quite align but still seem to work. There are 32 of them – PARAM selects a patch from 1 to 32. Each of the 32 patterns has an alternate pattern that is activated when a RESET signal is received. A subsequent RESET signal will revert back to the original pattern. The 32nd pattern has a special twist – each time a RESET is received a new rhythmically awkward pattern will be generated.

4. Basic Drum Patterns – Some times you just need a basic drum pattern to noodle or perform over. Pathogen delivers! 32 x basic patterns, each 16 steps in length. PARAM selects which rhythm and RESET input will act as a standard pattern reset.

5. Random (1 of 4) – A random pattern of 1 to 32 steps where ONLY one of the four outputs can be active at a time. PARAM sets the number of steps from 1 to 32. Each time a RESET is received a whole new random sequence is generated.

6. Random (4 of 4) – Kinda like the previous algorithm except any of the outputs can be active at a time. PARAM sets the number of steps from 1 to 32. Each time a RESET is received a whole new random sequence is generated.

7. Probability (1 of 4) – Probability based 1 of 4 pattern. So what does this actually mean?? The PARAM control adjusts the probability from 0% to 100%. On each step a random number is generated. If the random number is greater than the probability, then a new pattern is generated where only ONE of the four outputs is active.

8. Probability (4 of 4) – Again, just like the previous algorithm EXCEPT any of the four outputs can be active.


Pathogen has jumpers on the back to configure the clock divider/multiplier range and also to turn the output of the pattern generator from gate signals into triggers/”pulses”. The optional PG expander brings these controls to the front of your rack with dedicated switches in 2HP.

Pathogen – Build Document | User Guide


  • Width: Pathogen – 10Hp, PG – 2HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • 50 mA +12V
  • 10 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V

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