Beautiful Pieces of Outdated Technology – CGS/Serge Programmer – Partial Parts Kit (White Knobs)

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This bundles contains all the Pots, Knobs, & Switches you need for the BPOOT CGS/Serge Programmer build. If you are using Minijacks you can add them optionally below too.

Panel and PCB are not included! Purchase that directly from BPOOT here.

By buying this bundle you save a further 10% on top of the normal bulk discounts,  when compared to buying all the parts separately on Thonk.

White (D-Shaft) - 1900h Plastic Knob × 64

£0.60 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

B100K - D shaft - Alpha Vertical 9mm Potentiometer × 64

£1.28 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

DW1 - SPDT ON-ON - Dailywell Sub-mini Toggle Switch × 16

£1.22 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

DW2 - SPDT ON-OFF-ON - Dailywell Sub-mini Toggle Switch × 32

£1.61 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

OPTIONAL - PJ301BM Minijack with hex nut - If you're not using Banana jacks then tick this box to include. × 40

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This bundle contains:

  • 64 x Alpha 9mm Vertical Potentiometers
  • 64 x White 1900h knobs
  • 16 x DW1 (ON-ON) Sub-Mini switches
  • 32 x DW2 (ON-OFF-ON) Sub-Mini switches
  • 40 x PJ301BM minijacks with hex nuts (optional)