BeepBoop Electronics – Eurorack Passive LPG – FULL DIY Kit

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Compact Passive Low Pass Gate

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The Beepboop Passive LPG is a simple analog LOW-PASS GATE circuit based around a VTL5C vactrol with a fader to adjust the CV applied to the Vactrol. Feed an audio source or CV into the IN jack and then control the amplitude of this signal applied to the OUT jack with the CV input. The module will respond to triggers giving that classic LPG ping and ring sound or can be used like a VCA with envelope control signals.

The I/O switch changes the depth of the Lowpass gate. This kit is lovingly designed and packed at Beepboop Electronics Workshop in Bristol. Build your dreams.

Passive LPG – Build Document


  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Power: Passive


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