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Six Channel Performance Mixing System – Recommended for experienced builders only

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Recommended for experienced builders only, please read the build docs before purchasing. These are DENSE builds.

Hex Mix – 6 Channel Mixer

The Hexmix System is a six channel performance mixer specially designed for Eurorack. The system has two separate modules, the core of the mixer: Hexmix that has six channels with three band EQ, mute, pan and EQ section on the master, and Hexpander that adds three auxiliary sends per channel, PFL, individual outs and a balanced output.

The design of the mixer itself is strongly inspired by classical DJ mixers, providing sharp EQ’s for enhanced performance, auxiliary sends for effects and individual outputs to record your performance per channel. The unique Mute Section is a powerful tool for performances, providing a momentary mute function controlled by vactroIs – adding a smooth release to the signal decay.


This is a six channel mixer with three band EQ, vactroI mutes, pan and volume control per channel. Inputs for every channel are located on the left side of the Hexmix. Each jack is normalized to a VCA Expander connection in the back, so if you have a Hexmix VCA , you will have the output of each VCA to every input. connecting a jack into any input will disconnect whatever is coming from  the normalled VCA connection.

Each Channel Strip is divided in four basic sections, that will go in the following order: Gain, Mute, EQ and Pan. Gain is set to unity, so it will act as an attenuator of the input signal. Mutes are clickless, as they are vactroI based. The circuit will provide some decay on the mutes, rather than having a sharp cut. Switches have both a latch position and  a momentary one to unmute the channel, providing some really nice performative capabilities.

EQs are quite sharp (12dB) inspired by classic DJ mixers to aggressively cut selected frequencies.

The Master section has it’s own EQ and volume control for the mix of all channels. The Master EQ is softer than the individual channel’s (6dB) and it’s meant to provide control over the final mix.

It’s possible to change output level between line level and modular with a switch located on the back of the module.
This will be pretty useful when used in combination with the hexpander, that provides a balanced out at line level. Like this its possible to have a mix at synth level to re-route the master signal while having an output to PA.

Hex Mix: Build Document & User Manual



Hex Mix Hexpander

The Hexpander adds great functionality to the main Hexmix module. Featuring Three aux send with stereo returns, individual outputs for each channel, a complete PFL system and balanced master output. The Hexpander is designed to be placed above the Hexmix in a modular case – this allows every channel to be aligned as they would in traditional tabletop mixers.


Auxiliary sends: For every channel you have three auxiliary sends. One pot will measure the amount of signal sent to each of them. Every auxiliary send has a volume pot, that will measure the level of the signal sent. There are two jacks available for each send – so it is possible to send the signal both pre or post fader/EQ at the same time. Returns are stereo, having a switch to select if the signal is coming from synth or line level. Like this levels can be set, for example, either for a guitar pedal or an FX module at modular level.

Monitor section: The Hexpander features a complete PFL system to send channels to to the headphones before you add them to main mix.
Flip PFL switch to send that channel to the headphones out. With the PFL/Master Pot you can crossfade between the master signal and every channel sent to PFL, The Headphones out has it’s own dedicated volume control. The Level meter will show the level of the sum of all active PFLs. When there is no PFL active, it will show master level.

Output section: Every channel has its own individual 6.35mm jack out at line level. Here you have the signal of every channel post EQ. Finally you have master balanced output.

Hexpander: Build Document & User Manual


Hex Mix VCA

The Hex mix VCA is a compact six channel VCA, featuring an internal bus connection to interface with the rest of the Befaco Hex mixing system. The Hex VCA can act as six independent VCAs as well as a mixer, with all outputs available on the 6th channel if desired.

Every VCA has it’s own response pot for incoming CV, ranging from full Logarithmic at maximum setup, to full Exponential at minimum setup, with a Linear response when the pot is in centre position. This allows you to use a full range of unique curve responses to accentuate the VCA to your preferred application, whether it’s percussive sounds or panning effects.
Every channel also features a level pot which acts as an attenuator for the signal coming out of each VCA. The CV inputs are normalled to 10 volts, so when there is no CV signal present, the VCA will be fully open and the Level pot will act as a volume control.

Hex Mix VCA – Build Document 


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