Befaco ‘PowSkiff’ – Full DIY Kit

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Powerful and versatile power supply in a skiff friendly format

This is a full DIY kit – for a pre-assembled version go here

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This is a Full DIY Kit – for a pre-assembled version go here

Befaco Powskiff is a powerful and versatile power supply in a skiff friendly format. Power you modular, and an external MIDI controller or your favourite guitar pedals with this compact power supply.

At the +/- 12v rails the PowSkiff can deliver up to 1.5A and 1.3A respectively, as well as a full additional ampere at both the 5v and 9v rails. It features a frontplate mounted USB-A female socket which is great for lights, cooling fans or even charging a mobile device. Beware that the USB power is routed from the 5v rail so if you are using the USB port while using digital modules, anything plugged into it will be subtracting from the total 1A available (note that charging some phones draws a lot of current).

The 9v output on the front panel is designed with integration of guitar FX pedals in mind and implements a ‘Boss standard’ center-negative DC jack. The 1A available should be sufficient to supply nearly a dozen standard pedals!

There is a front panel mounted DC ‘Link’ jack, and two PCB mounted IDC power outputs for easy of use with multiple buses, for example the Befaco PCB Passive bus.

The PowSkiff can function from any center-positive 2.5mm DC connector between 15 & 20V.

Powskiff – Build Documents


  • Input: 15 – 20v (2,5mm barrel connector laptop like – 90W Recommended)
  • Outputs:
    • Eurorack connector: +12v, -12v, +5v.
    • USB connector: 5v
    • Guitar pedal: 9v (Center negative)
  •  Current:
    • +12v: 1.5A
    • -12v: 1.3A
    • +5v: 1A
    • +9v: 1A
  • Width: 4 HP
  • Depth: 25 mm

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