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A collection of 0HP passive synth tools!

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Your Eurorack HP is sacred! The Synth.BT collection from Cat Full of Ghosts packs together a bunch of super handy passive 0hp synth tools into one neat kit that is simple to build and and easy to use. Put one of these packs in your cable bag and always be ready to solve those synth routing problems live, or in the studio.

Synth.BTs are a beautiful matt black PCB with gold ENIG finish. Reminiscent of a model plane kit, you build up the board, solder it and then cut out the different components to create:

1 x Gate Combiner

This module lets you mix together three logic signals together. Plug any kind of gate, clock or trigger into the three jacks on the right, and then take the summed output from the left. Great for making complex rhythmic patterns.

1 x Jack Adapter with Volume Attenuation:

This module adapts the standard 3.5mm mono audio jack to a ¼’ TS audio jack common on mixing desks and sound cards. The small black shunt next to the word bypass acts as an attenuator. When the shunt is present there is no change in volume. With the shunt removed the incoming signal will be reduced by x10, this is a good ratio to reduce the very loud audio signal of eurorack to the much lower line level mixers and other audio equipment uses.

2 x Touch Pad:

These modules let you pass voltages from your modular through your skin to affect them. If you plug one of these into an oscillator the pressure of your touch will affect the parameter you are plugged into,(like pitch). You can use two of these to mix signals using your fingers, plug one into the output of an LFO and the other into the cutoff of a filter. As you touch both pads with your fingers you will pass the lfo to the filter.

2 x Attenuator with Mute and Stutter:

These modules allow you to control the level of a signal via the knob on top. They work for CV or audio, but are more suited to CV signal (audio volume is logarithmic, cv is linear). The mute switch will disconnect the input from the output. The button at the bottom, will temporarily silence the signal by connecting it to ground, creating a stuttering effect.

2 x Multiples: 

These modules split your signal into three. The input can be any of the four jacks.

For some signals splitting may reduce the voltage slightly, this is true with any passive mult.

Synth.BT – Build Document


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