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Open-Source A/V Synthesizer

Note: this is a PCB only

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The CHA/V (CHEAP, HACKY, A/V) is an open-source, DIY, A/V video synthesizer based on a hacked VGA test signal generator. If you are new to video synths, fasten your seatbelt. You just opened up a huge can of wormholes. This is a PCB only to build a standalone device.

Who is this for?

  • “I want my modular synth to make purdy-pitchers while I play it”
  • “I like making DIY audio circuits, like the Atari Punk Console. Is there something like that for video?”
  • “I’m interested in DIY video devices or circuit-bending.”

The CHA/V is not:

  • the “correct” way to synthesize video
  • made from quality parts
  • capable of precision
  • well-behaved

The CHA/V is:

  • lots of fun
  • good easy way to get started in video synthesis


For complete info and VGA test signal generator shopping advice::

CHA/V – Build Guide & BOM | User Manual

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