Music Thing Modular – Chord Organ Full DIY Kit

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Chord Organ is a new firmware for the Music Thing Modular Radio Music module. It gives the module a completely different function. Instead of playing samples from the SD card, it synthesises chords. On this page you can buy a full kit to build a Chord Organ, or if you want to convert your Radio Music into a Chord Organ, download and configure the software here and buy a new panel here.


This is a full kit which includes every single component to build a Chord Organ module right down to the Teensy microprocessor board, the knobs, rack screws and power cable.


NOTE – you need to purchase a MicroSD card and a Micro-B USB Cable elsewhere to set up this module. The Micro-B cables are the smallest type shipped with Kindles and many Android phones. You also need a card reader to write files to the SD card, many laptops and desktops already have them built in now. – Read the setup and build documentation here.

The very cheap $2 MicroSD cards are not worth the trouble they will cause you, buy genuine SanDisk or Kingston branded MicroSD cards from Amazon or elsewhere. 32Gb maximum… that’s 108 hours of lossless audio in 16bit 44.1khz. Total file limit per card is 1200 files.

For the build guide the process is identical to Radio Music, you just program with a different hex file –

Chord organ now tracks 1v/Oct if you use the latest software downloaded here! –

Details on how to load firmware onto the module can be found under the Software header here – Preparing the Teensy

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