Clee – Euro Bits Bitcrusher – Panel/PCB Set

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CV Controlled Bit Crusher and Waveshaper

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This is the Eurorack version of the Clee Bits Module originally available in 4U. Bits is a 12-bit bit crusher module with waveshaping.


  • Bit Depth is continuously variable from 12 bits to 1
  • Sample Rate is continuously variable in 2 ranges, audio and sub-audio
  • The waveshape control morphs through 8 patterns
  • There’s a manually controlled pre-filter and an output crossfade control between the direct DAC out and a lowpass filtered output
  • The inputs and outputs are DC coupled allowing processing of control voltages
  • Stereo AC coupled Line IN and OUT (mixed to mono)
  • The module features CV control over Wave, Bits and Rate with “attenuverting” inputs

BOM: Bits Euro BOM | Bits Ground Fix


Schematic: Bits Euro Schematic

Teensy 3.2 code: Arduino code

Install this library to your Arduino program if you don’t have it:Pedvide:ADC-MASTER

** PLEASE NOTE: This should be considered an intermediate build. Construction is straight forward (there are some SMD parts), no build guide is included. You should be able to construct the module from a PCB, Schematic, and BOM. You need to be able to program the Teensy 3.2 from the Arduino IDE **

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