CLIP – Photon Smasher – Full DIY Kit

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A Microphone for Light

A great project for kids of all ages. Discover a hidden world of sound with the Photon Smasher, the handmade microphone that turns light into sound. Assemble the kit and use the included LED to listen to light. Explore the physics of light and sound to turn bicycle lights into thumping drum beats and light up toys into futuristic synthesisers.

All proceeds go to CLIP Sound and Music – CLIP create experiences which spark curiosity by encouraging participants to experiment with sound and explore the creation of music from unexpected sources. CLIP deliver a diverse programme of activities and projects to a wide range of individuals and partner organisations including schools, galleries and museums. Our work enables participants access to professional instruments, recording equipment and performance opportunities. Read more here.

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Listen to the sound of light with the Photon Smasher. Convert light into sound and explore a hidden world of rhythms, melodies and textures. Kit includes a line-out cable for recording. Recommended for Ages 8 and above.


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