Dannysound Cali Oscillator – DIY Partial Kit

£65.50 (Excl. VAT)

The Cali oscillator is a new and improved version of the classic Buchla 258 waveshaping linear FM oscillator with an additional pulsewidth modulated output.

Note: this is a partial kit only – for full kit go here

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The Cali Oscillator is Dannysound’s new and improved version of the legendary Buchla Model 258 VCO. The oscillator features the classic Sine to Square and Sine to Saw wave shaping with dedicated CV control. The Cali Oscillator differs from previous versions of the 258 in that it has a 3-way position switch rather than 2-way. This new middle position features a bonus waveform that will shape from a pulse into a kind of triangular trapezoid shape. The shaping control is more unpredictable in this middle position – it can be thought of as an extra bonus waveform! There are dedicated inputs for linear and logarithmic FM and the Cali also adds a Pulse output with it’s own width control and PWM CV input. The behaviour of the pulse output can be affected by the position of the waveform switch and wave shape control. The module features Coarse and Fine frequency controls and an LFO mode, LFO range is accessed via an LED pushbutton that also acts as the LFO speed indicator – the button will light up when the waveform moves through its positive cycle.

This is a partial kit only, including:

  • 1x CALI OSC Eurorack Aluminium Frontpanel (12HP)
  • 1x CALI OSC PCB Set
  • 1x 2K KRL Tempco Resistor
  • 1x 2N3906 Matched Pair Transistors
  • 1 x 2N5458 IDSS Tested Transistor
  • 1 x CA3080 IC (Genuine reissue, not NOS)
  • 4x Light Pipe Lens and Retainers
  • 1x LED Pushbutton Switch
  • 1x DPDT Toggle Switch & Cap

Build Document & BOM


  • Sine to Saw/Square Waveform Output with CV over wave shaping
  • Pulse output with voltage controlled PWM
  • Linear FM with attenuator
  • Logarithmic FM with attenuator
  • Bonus ‘trapezoid’ output
  • Coarse & Fine controls with LFO mode
  • Genuine Rogan USA knobs (Hex keys included)
  • All Through-hole build – no SMD components!
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Power: +12V = 37mA, -12V = 34mA

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