David Haillant – Euro Stripboard PCB & Frontpanel

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Eurorack format stripboard and generic frontpanel for prototyping and building simple modules

£5.00 (Excl. VAT)

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£6.00 (Excl. VAT)

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A stripboard dedicated to the Eurorack module format – a convenient way to prototype and build simple modules.

A good alternative to standard stripboards: it’s easier to add potentiometers and jack connectors, easier to implement the power supply interface. And it’s already cut to Eurorack dimensions.

Power supply interface: 16 pins connector with silkscreened signal marks, filtering capacitors and bead filters or protection diodes.

You can use up to 5 potentiometers or 5 Cliff style Jack connectors. Potentiometers can be any of 9 or 16 mm types, Alpha PKN160 for example.

The PCB is made in industry quality standard 1.2 mm thick, FR4 material. Plated through holes and green solder mask for easy soldering session.

The front panel is made of PCB material, 1.6mm thickness. The color is matte black. The width is 4HP. It has 5 pre-drilled holes,  and it can also be used without the Stripboard PCB for other projects.

The 5 control holes are 20.32mm spaced and 8mm diameter. Perfect for Alpha potentiometers or Cliff jack sockets.

This is PCB only & optional frontpanel only – no components provided.

Revision 1.3 – What’s new?

  • The silkscreen has been improved: The lines are now showing the contour of connected pads instead of following the tracks.
  • The power supply interface has also been improved: the capacitors are after the diodes (or resistors).

You can find more information here at David Haillant’s blog.

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