DE-3 – Bristol Bloodhound – Full DIY Kit

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The Bristol Bloodhound is a 12HP oscillator with built in VCA, wave multiplier and a unique feedback circuit.

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The Bristol Bloodhound is a 12HP oscillator with built in VCA, wave multiplier and a unique feedback circuit. The voltage controlled oscillator is capable of going from clean to very noisy and was designed to be a characterful and gritty VCO that can also solidly track 1v per octave and fulfil more traditional musical duties as well as sonically tearing things up!

The left hand side of the module provides a dedicated clean sine wave output with a switch allowing you to pull the oscillator range down so it can additionally serve as a LFO. The VCO sine core is an interpretation of the sine oscillator found in the Dreadbox antiphon (used with permission). The left side of the module is also where you’ll find the CV input for the on-board linear VCA. This VCA will affect both the clean left output and also the wave multiplied output on the right as well.

The wave multiply section is derived from the CGS module with the same name (also used with kind permission from Ken Stone) with only minor adjustments – most notably a feedback section for creating harsher dynamics and noise. The sine oscillator is normalled to the wave multiplier via the ‘Wave In’ jack. Inputting an external signal into ‘Wave In’ input breaks this normalled connection, but the clean sine will still be present at the ‘Sine’ output allowing it to be used separately. This makes it possible to use the right side of the module as a processer for other sounds apart than the onboard oscillator (field recordings, drum machines, other oscillators etc). The amount of wave multiplying can be controlled by adjusting the middle knob or this can be done with cv control at the ‘wave cv’ input. This input also has its own dedicated attenuator.

The Feedback input accepts all kinds of signals including CV, triggers,  gates and audio (feel free to experiment!). There is a dedicated attenuator for feedback input as well. Tracking when calibrated should be around 4-5 octaves.

Bristol Bloodhound – Build Document

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