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19 channel trigger to MIDI processor

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DrumFiend is a 19-channel trigger-to-MIDI processor. Send the module triggers, and it will send out MIDI notes to a connected drum machine or other MIDI device via a MIDI-TRS cable.

With the default firmware, DrumFiend is configured with a drum map for the Arturia DrumBrute Impact with each trigger input corresponding to a drum. Inputs on the left and right hand side are the normal and “colour” versions of the various drums, with trigger input 19 reserved for the cowbell.

It’s easy to change the MIDI mapping of DrumFiend to output on any MIDI channel between 1 and 16, and it’s also possible to use different MIDI notes. This is done by plugging the teensy into a computer and simply editing the configuration text file. The firmware runs in CircuitPython, so coders can even tinker with the module’s functionality if desired!

DrumFiend’s trigger inputs are active as soon as they receive an input above 2.5v and may be run all the way up to low audio rates. Different drum machines react differently to really fast MIDI notes, it’s worth experimenting…

The module supports both MIDI-A and MIDI-B TRS variants, switchable with jumpers on the back of the module. MIDI-TRS cable is not included with the kit but are available to purchase HERE or HERE

DrumFiend – Build Guide | Loading the Firmware | Editing the MIDI Mapping


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: ~30mm
  • Power: 40mA +12v, 0mA -12v

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