DivKid ‘Mutes’ – Panel / PCB Set

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4-Channel Performance Mutes

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VTL5C1 × 4

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Mutes is a flexible 4-channel performance muting tool designed by DivKid in collaboration with Befaco. Each channel features its own Vactrol based 3-way mute switch with signal LED for soft clickless muting . The default centre position for each switch is off or muted, pushing to the left allows you to unmute signals momentarily while a push to the right will latch the switch to allow signals through. All outputs are buffered and cascaded, allowing you to split groups of signals to multiple destinations, and making it great for FX dub performing and varied signal routing.

All SMD pre-solderedMutes Assembly Guide | BOM


  • Width: 4HP
  • LEDs to visualise signals
  • 3 way momentary: (on)-off-on switching
  • Buffered and cascading normalled inputs
  • Vactrol based muting
  • Knurlies inside
  • Black Aluminium panel

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