Dreadbox – Dysphonia – Full DIY Kit

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Full Voice Synthesizer with Open Architecture in Eurorack or Desktop Format!

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Dysphonia is a fully featured synth voice mixing analog and digital elements.  Dysphonia can be used either as 42HP Eurorack module, or as a standalone Desktop synth – the kit includes a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter. The synth voice is divided into 13 individual sections. The analog oscillator has 4 sources (square with PWM, saw, triangle, noise), fine/tune controls, and each source has its own output. Then, you have two filters. The first one is a 24dB 4-pole analog (self-oscillating) lowpass filter while the second is a 12dB 2-pole analog multi-mode filter. Also analog is the VCA section that consists of three VCAs made for amplification or modulation. Next to this, is a super handy 1-to-3 passive multiplier, and a 3-to-1 mixer section that supports audio and CV signals. Great for more advanced modulation mixing.

In the lower part, you can find a high-precision MIDI-to-CV/gate converter (MIDI-TRS adaptor included). On the modulation side, you have a 1ms/stage snappy attack/decay envelope, and a wide range analog LFO. Dysphonia also has a digital modulator with 4 different modes. You can choose between a multi-wave LFO with delay function, S&H random generator, snappy 1ms/stage AD or AR envelope, or  MIDI CC modulation (mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch, uni-/bipolar). At the signal end, you get the Erebus style hybrid echo processor with CV control.

Dysphonia – Build Document | Build Video


  • Full Voice Modular Synthesizer with Open Architecture
  • Powerful Sound Designing machine
  • It can be used as a Desktop or a Eurorack synthesizer
  • Dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter
  • Ideal for inexperienced DIYers
  • Analog Oscillator with 4 waves
  • 3x Analog VCA
  • Passive Signal Multiplier
  • CV and Audio 3-to-1 Mixer
  • High precision MIDI to CV/ Gate converter
  • 1ms/stage Snappy AD Envelope
  • Wide range Analog LFO
  • 24dB 4-pole Analog Self-Oscillating Low Pass Filter
  • 12dB 2-pole Analog Multi mode Filter
  • Hybrid Echo (as found on the Erebus synthesizer)
  • Sophisticated digital Modulator with 4 different modes:
    • LFO – Wide range, 4 waveforms and delay function
    • RANDOM – Classic Sample & Hold or Key triggered with lag Filter
    • ENVELOPE – Snappy 1ms/stage, Attack – Decay or Attack – Release
    • CC – Modulation Wheel, Velocity, Aftertouch, Unipolar or Bipolar
  • Width: 42HP
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Power: 110 mA +12V, 75 mA -12V

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