Duskwork – Self Tuning VCO – Full DIY Kit

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Analog VCO with a 3-wave mixer & self tuning function!

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The Duskwork Analogue VCO has the feature that every modular synthesizer enthusiast will appreciate – a self-tuning button!

This VCO voice is completely analogue, powered by the infamous 3340 IC that many well loved synths have used since in the 80’s. Here it is, re-imagined and assisted by a computer controlled circuit that will tune the VCO all by itself.

The way it works is simple. Send it a ‘C’ note over a 1v/oct CV signal, hit the button and the module will do the rest. It will calculate the offset voltage needed to bring that C up to perfect pitch. It’s recommended (as with any analogue synth) to let the module warm up for 10 minutes or so before tuning up.

So you may be thinking: “how do I slightly de-tune it to make a fat bass line voice?”.

The answer is simple – Say you want it to be de-tuned by 1 semi-tone; just hold the B note whilst hooked up to the module with a 1v/oct CV signal, hit the button, and it’ll use that as its reference, allowing you to easily tune it perfectly – or de-tune to your hearts content.

Another very useful feature of this VCO is the wave-mixer it’s fitted with. No need to keep removing and re-plugging cables, just turn up or down the Triangle, Square, or Saw-Tooth waves until you’re happy with its beefiness.

VCO – Build Guide (Note: this kit comes with he firmware already pre-programmed)


– Analogue VCO
– 3-Wave mixer
– 6HP Width
– Self-Tuning Capability
– Powered by the iconic 3340 VCO IC
– 26mm depth
– Simple Controls
– Tuning Status LED

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