Neutral Labs ‘Elmyra’ – Full DIY Kit

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Elmyra is a desktop synthesizer inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8

Note: This is not a Eurorack module, this is a full DIY kit to build a desktop unit

Latest PCB revision 1.4

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Elmyra is a digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer and platform for sonic exploration. The 10-bit audio resolution of its oscillators gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and the analog distortion circuit adds some nasty bite to it. Its delay can sculpt the sound into lush dronescapes or brain-melting feedback explosions. Elmyra can be played using the metal touch pads or put in drone mode, and there’s also a sequencer! Available in matte black/gold or glossy white/silver, the synth runs on USB power. This is the latest version 1.4 with added external input.


  • Performative drone box
  • Three touch plates to control the amplitude of the oscillators
  • Three tunable oscillators that feature chromatic mode for chord tunings
  • Triangle and square waveshapes
  • Crunchy digital delay with intense feedback
  • Non-resonant low pass filter
  • Analog scratch distortion
  • Selectable envelope speeds
  • Random modulation for oscillator cycles
  • External Audio input
  • Audio output on 1/4″ jack

Full kit includes wood enclosure, PCB, Frontpanel and all components.

Elmyra – Build Guide v1.3, Build Guide v1.4 | User Manual

If you want to mess with the code (you don’t have to as the microcontroller that comes with the kit is preprogrammed), find it here.

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