Erica Synths ‘Modulator II’ – DIY Partial Kit

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LFO / Sample & Hold / Noise

Note: This is a partial kit – for complete kit go here

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Note: This partial DIY kit contains the following parts only:

  • Modulator II PCB Set
  • Modulator II Eurorack Front Panel (8HP)
  • S&H Chip
  • PCB Connectors

Erica Synths Knobs can be purchased here:

The Erica Synths Modulator features a single LFO with simultaneous triangle and square wave outputs alongside a very stable and clockable Sample & Hold with external CV input and noise source. Each kit comes with two versions of noise generator – simple, transistor-based and more complex Zener diode-based – able to produce full-spectrum white noise. The Modulator is 35mm deep, skiff friendly and has a solid mechanical construction with no wiring required.


LFO with triangle and pulse wave outputs
Choice of transistor-based or Zener diode-based noise generator for massive, full spectrum white noise
Sample & Hold circuit based on rare, high quality S&H chip
Sample & Hold CV and clock inputs

Modulator II Build document – Assembly Guide

Modulator II BOM – Bill Of Materials

Technical specifications:

LFO output amplitude -5V…+5V
LFO frequency range 0,1…20Hz (configurable)
Noise output level 10Vptp
S&H CV input level up to 20Vptp
Panel width 8HP
Module depth 35mm
Power consumption 27mA@+12V, 22mA@-12V

Additional information

Weight 0.0825 kg
HP Size

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