Erica Synths ‘Output II’ – Full DIY Kit


Stereo output / headphone preamp

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The Output II module allows you to easily interface your modular synth with external gear such as mixers or other synthesizers. The module features L and R inputs for stereo patches – for mono patches the R input is normalled to the L input, so you can automatically route the output to a stereo mixer. There is also a high quality headphone preamp on board with dedicated level control.


Left and Right inputs
3.5mm stereo output jack
3.5mm headphones jack
Headphones volume adjustment
Skiff-friendly design

Output II Build Document – Assembly Guide

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude
line level (optionally adjustable)
Panel width 6HP
Module depth 35mm
Power consumption 20mA@+12V, 7mA@-12V

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