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Fully Featured Clockable Delay

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Erica Synths DIY Delay is Hi-Fi delay module with unique functionality typically found on advanced factory-produced units.

The team at Erica Synths have developed a custom DSP MCU board (which comes pre-soldered and pre-programmed) and delay algorithms for syncable delays up to 800 ms. The module features two delay algorithms: Tape and Digital, which can be clocked via the sync input. Delay time can also be tapped in via the Tap sync button. Furthermore there are buttons to Hold (freezes the sound up to 800 ms), Add (adds several layers of sound on top) and Reverse (reverses sound in the hold buffer) allowing you to get creative with looping delays. This is especially true once you start using the CV inputs, with CV control available for Delay time, Dry/Wet mix and Feedback.

Build Document – Delay Assembly Guide


  • Tape Delay & Digital Delay algorithms
  • Up to 800 ms delay time
  • Syncable (clock and tap) delay time
  • Delay time divisions and multiplications
  • Freeze, Add and Reverse
  • Manually and CV controlled delay time feedback and dry/wet mix


Max Delay time 800 ms
Sampling frequency 48 kHz 24 bit
Audio output amplitude 10Vptp
CV amplitude (full span) -5V-+5V
Panel width 14 HP
Module depth 45 mm
Power consumption 97mA @ -12V,
33mA @ -12V

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