Eurorack Serge Stereo Mixer – Panel + PCB Set

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Limited Edition audiophile edition of the Serge Stereo Mixer for Eurorack – using 4 NJR Muses chips and lots of Burr-Brown op-amps for superior audio performance.

Note: This is not a full Kit

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Thonkiconn Jacks with Knurled Nut × 10 – optional

In stock

THAT 2180 Series - IC Chips × 4 – optional

Random Source recommend THAT 2180B for this project

VERTICAL: B50K - 50K Linear × 6 – optional

In stock

VERTICAL: B100K - 100K Linear × 2 – optional

In stock

Black (6.35mm Round Shaft) × 8 – optional

In stock

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This is not a full kit – however most of the components are already soldered! ALL SMD components have already been professionally reflow soldered in, and this is therefore a very quick build that mainly requires the soldering of pots, jacks and a few capacitors and headers.


SERGE MODULAR FOR EURORACK – Under licence from Serge Tcherepnin

“Serge Modular” is an analogue modular synthesizer system developed by French composer and electronic designer Serge Tcherepnin in the 1970s at The California Institute of the Arts. Serge’s vision to create a “people’s synthesizers” led to a unique modular music system with an iconic design.

In collaboration with and under licence from Serge Tcherepnin, Random*Source offers a range of Serge modules, combining the original Serge circuits with the advantages of today’s technology. The modules on this page are in Eurorack (3U) format.


Combine the sound of classic Serge amplifier designs with audiophile NJR Muses OP amps plus THAT2180 VCA chips and you get The Equal Power Stereo Mixer. This module has 2 independent input channels (with attenuators) that can be Stereo panned between the 2 outputs. Each channel’s gain is controlled by a gain knob and a Gain CV input (with attenuator) which allows signals to go into massive overdrive with a very organic sound. There are also two AUX inputs that allow signals to be routed in at unity gain. Both panning and Gain CV inputs have been designed to handle audio rates, making the Stereo Mixer a very powerful waveshaping and droning tool.

Beware that the module is able to deliver massive gain, resulting in output levels of up to approx. +/-11V when overdriven, so make sure your other equipment (AD converters, mixers) can handle this.

Stereo Mixer Build Document –


The “Donks” demo uses the Stereo-Mixer (4U version), mostly as a waveshaping tool):

Some details of the Random*Source Stereo Mixer Euro kit:

  • Under licence from and in cooperation with Serge Tcherepnin
  • Balanced Outputs
  • NJR Muses op-amps in the audio path.
  • CV inputs capable of audio rates
  • No wiring needed
  • Eurorack format (3U), 18 hp
  • Power consumption: 100 mA at +12 V, 100 mA at -12 V
  • Module depth: 40mm

Additional information

Thonkiconn Jacks with Knurled Nut

Weight 0.0017 kg

THAT 2180 Series - IC Chips

Weight N/A
Audio Grade

2180C – High Grade, 2180B – Super High Grade, 2180A – Pointlessly Audiophile Grade

VERTICAL: B50K - 50K Linear

Weight 0.00513 kg

VERTICAL: B100K - 100K Linear

Weight 0.00513 kg

Black (6.35mm Round Shaft)

Weight 0.0035 kg

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