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Compact Eurorack Power with 8 Headers

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The FCUK Microbus power supply is designed to be an inexpensive solution for small Eurorack systems. Microbus is a variant of FC Power, integrating 8 power headers onto a small power PCB. The Microbus has the option of using either a PCB mount barrel power connector or to wire a floating connector (options for both are included in the kit). 3 x red LEDs indicate the status of each power rail, and polarity and short circuit protection are built in.

Please note that Microbus will not work from a DC wallwart. As the wallwart is AC, you will need to isolate it from the metalwork of your enclosure. Using the AC plug that’s available to buy on this page you can get ~500mA at +/- 12V and 100mA at +5V. You can also use the Microbus to supply +/-15V by replacing the 7812 and 7912 with 7815 and 7915.

Build Document – Microbus Assembly Guide

Microbus featured in Look Mum No Computers cases:

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