Frequency Central – Routemaster – Full DIY Kit

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Combined power supply and bus board

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The FCUK Routemaster power supply is designed to be an inexpensive solution for small modular systems. Routemaster is a variant of FC Power, integrating 12 power headers onto the PCB which can be built for either Eurorack, MOTM, or Dotcom format. The output voltage of Routemaster can be adjusted for +/-12V or +/-15V using multi-turn trimmers. Note: this kit is provided with Eurorack power headers and does not include headers for other formats. 3 x green LEDs indicate the status of each power rail, and polarity and short circuit protection are built in.

Please note that Routemaster will not work from a DC wallwart. As the wallwart is AC, you will need to isolate it from the metalwork of your enclosure. Using the AC plug that’s available to buy on this page you can get ~500mA at +/- 12V and 100mA at +5V.

Build Document – Routemaster Assembly Guide

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