Fonitronik – TH PAL VCF – Panel & PCB Set

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Thomas Henry’s PAL Filter – 2021 update designed for the reissued Curtis CEM3320

Note: This is a panel & PCB set only.  The pots, knobs,  jacks and some other parts can be sourced from our Parts Section

1 x Curtis CEM3320 IC

Reissued VCF Chip (tick box below to add)

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Thomas Henry’s original 1982 introduction for the PAL VCF:

“What, another filter? Yes, and there’s a good reason for it. When it came time to design a filter for my synthesizer, I was struck by how many exotic designs already existed – phase filters, polygonal filters, multimode filters, and filters which did everything but clean the sink. On the other end of the scale there were noisy filters, trashy filters, worthless filters, and filters which hardly filtered at all! What I wanted was a good quality, middle of the road filter – and this design is the result.

The name PAL came about because depending on how you adjust the controls, you can have a Phase shifter, All pass filter, or Low pass filter. In addition to the usual voltage controlled options, this unit also features voltage controlled resonance.”

PAL VCF – Build Document & BOM


  • CEM-3320 (or AS3320) based 4-pole 24dB LoPass filter,
  • CV input with attenuator,
  • CV input for 1V/Octave,
  • CV input with attenuator for resonance,
  • Coarse and Fine tuning pots,
  • Mode switch (lowpass/allpass)
  • Width: 10HP (Eurorack)
  • Mounting depth behind frontpanel incl. power plug: 40mm
  • Power consumption: +36mA/-40mA



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1 x Curtis CEM3320 IC

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