Fonitronik TH CMOS ADSR Panel/PCB

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Another classic Thomas Henry design – Updated 2018 REV3 PCB

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One of the nicest features of this fully featured ADSR is the light show it’s capable of. Attractive and useful!

A fully featured ADSR envelope

  • Gate and Trig inputs
  • Gate outputs for each stage
  • End pulse (e.g. for re-triggering an ADSR LFO)
  • Switch for dedicated AD LFO mode

This is a panel and PCB set for building Thomas Henry’s CMOS ADSR:

This set contains

  • 16hp Aluminium Eurorack Panel
  • Panel Control PCB – No wiring!
  • CMOS ADSR PCB Rev 3 (2018 Version)

Support is provided via the Muffwiggler thread and the documents below only.

BOM, Build notes etc – TH_CMOS_ADSR_REV3


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