IMS System 100 – Model 110 Dual Voltage Controlled Gate – Full DIY Kit

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The Model 110 consists of 2 independent transistor based VCAs

Note: This is not a Eurorack kit – this kit is in the larger 4U format.

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The Model 110 consists of 2 independent transistor based VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers).

Each side features:
– audio input
– attenuator
– CV input
– 2 outputs

The VCAs are AC coupled, so are only for audio use and won’t pass control voltages. Unlike the later vactroI-based VCA, this design is wholly transistor based and doesn’t contain any actuals vactroIs and is therefore much faster.

Format: 4U

Panel Dimensions: 7″ x 4.25″

Model 110 – Build Documents


  • What size of jacks are used? – 3.5mm (Thonkiconn) jack sockets for audio, banana for control voltage.
  • Are these kits difficult to solder? – They are not! 99% of soldering is through-hole. Some of the modules have a couple of SMD capacitors
  • Which power supply should I get? – Busboards are availabe here. IMS recommend using the Meanwell RT-65C. Info on wiring is HERE











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