Low-Gain LGE003 – 4U Power Supply PCB

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Wallwart Powered 4U Modular Power Supply PCB

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The LGE003 PCB is a simple DC:DC Based Bipolar Supply for just about any synth DIY project you might have.
As long as the DC:DC converter fits the same footprint provided it can be anything from a +/-12Vdc @ 400mA up to 1.25A or +/-15Vdc!
It also includes a 0.100 based header power distribution board that can power up to 10 modules (Current draw depends on the modules and what you build this supply to support).

The PCB was formatted to the 4U Modular standard of 1” x 6” and has the standard mounting hole spacing for Low-Gain’s PCB mounting brackets.
You could also just mount this into a box to power a non-module based design if you wanted.

Powers from a simple single rail +9-36Vdc (depends on the specs of the DC:DC converter) wall wart!

LGE003 Bill of Materials
LGE003 Schematic
LGE003 PCB Layout w/ Designators
Mechanical Parts BOM generally required for building Low-Gain Electronics Modules

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