God’s Box Loose Fruit WaveShaper. FULL DIY KIT

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Multi-flavoured Dual Waveshaper / Crossfader

New version for 2021 – All SMD components are already professionally reflow soldered in – This project requires a small amount of through-hole soldering only.

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Loose Fruit packs two waveshapers and a crossfader combined into one module and is designed for sculpting rich harmonic timbres. Originally intended for use with ‘single note’ waveforms including sine, triangle and – untypically for a waveshaper – square, Loose Fruit will react to any sound source it receives. The waveshapers create not only harmonic overtones but also undertones – rich subharmonics. More specifically, waveshaper 2 (right-hand side) enables high-frequency explorations via the threshold control, while wavehaper 1 enables low frequency horsepower via the half-speed octave effect. Loose fruit is digitally controlled with a fully analogue signal path.

Loose Fruit – Build Document

Waveshaper 1

The left LED will light up if the input to Waveshaper 1 is above 20mV, under this level the waveshaper will not operate. Choose from 10 different harmonic overtone patterns via the state control, or automate the patterns via CV – state ‘CV’ is summed

with ‘State 1’ so set the state control far left for the full CV control over entire range, or adjust if you want an offset. ‘Half speed’ allows you to drop the effect by one octave.

WaveShaper 2

Waveshaper 2 has a variable threshold allowing you to choose how much of the input is being affected – useful for adding only upper harmonics if desired. With your input patched – adjust the threshold control until the right LED lights, then select one of th

e 10 harmonic patterns using the ‘state 2’ control. The state CV is again summed with this knob, so set the state far left for full CV control over entire range. With the threshold control low it will behave exactly like wavehaper 1, increase the threshold to create upper harmonics and pulse-width like effects. Threshold can also be automated via CV control and a dedicated attenuator.


The crossfader allows you to mix different harmonics by finding a balance between the right and left channels. The crossfader can be automated with dedicated CV input and attenuator. To use the crossfader for external signals independently of any waveshaping, patch the signals you want to use into the inputs labelled ‘Left’ and ‘Right’.

Module Routing

All three sections are half normalled together – ‘IN 1’ of waveshaper 1 is normalled to ‘IN 2’, while the outputs of both waveshapers feed the left and right channels of the crossfader. Due to this configuration, the module can be used by simply plugging into ‘IN 1’ and taking an output from the ‘XF OUT’. Alternatively, each of the sections can be used individually by plugging in to the related input / output. The waveshapers can be used in parallel or in series or in any other conceivable configuration!


  • Dual Waveshapers with 10 harmonic patterns per channel
  • Octave control on channel 1
  • Threshold control on channel 2
  • CV control over harmonic patterns or ‘states’
  • Channel 1 normalled to channel 2 – can be used parallel or in series
  • WaveShapers normalled to crossfader – blend between channels with CV
  • Crossfader can be used independently from waveshapers
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 25mm


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HP Size

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