LZX Industries – Cadet Video Modular

The cadet series is discontinued – But don’t fear! We are now stocking a much wider range of Video Synthesis kits and modules here.


BOM, Schematics etc – https://github.com/lzxindustries/documentation

Deeper product Info – https://www.lzxindustries.net/products/
Video Sync Distribution Cable is required to distribute video synchronization signals from 14-Pin Sync Outputs to 14-Pin Sync Inputs on a few LZX modules.  Up to 5 modules can be connected using this cable, and multiple cables can be chained together when more connectors are needed.

Modules with 14-Pin Sync Outputs include Visual Cortex, Video Sync Generator and Cadet I Sync Generator.
Modules with 14-Pin Sync Inputs include Color TBC, Color Video Encoder, Cadet II Video Encoder, Video Flip Flops, Video Divisions, Video Ramps, Cadet IV Ramp Generator, Cadet III Video Input, and Triple Video Interface.

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