Majella Audio VVCA – Full DIY Kit

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The VVCA is a fully analog dual linear VCA with velocity inputs that offer control over the CV input levels.

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The VVCA is a fully analog dual linear VCA which can be used for audio and CV signals.

The VVCA features two identical VCA’s. What makes VVCA unique is that each VCA has a velocity input, allowing you to modulate the incoming CV signal with a velocity voltage (or any other CV source). When there is no cable connected to the velocity input, the VCA behaves just like any other normal VCA.

The VVCA adds a tiny amount of characterful soft-clipping.


Included in the kit:
-All components (Resistors, capacitors, IC’s, etc.)
-Connectors + hex nuts
-montage screws (M3)
-16 pin power cable

• 4HP Aluminum Panel
• DC coupled input; can amplify both audio and CV signals
• CV Input: 0-8V
• Velocity Input: 0-5V
• Outputs at same level as Input when both the CV Input and Velocity Input are at max
• This module uses the 5V rail (16 pin eurorack connector)!

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