Manhattan Analog – VCA- Panel / PCB & Chip set

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High quality Audio VCA – Latest PCB revision (v1.4) – requires no PCB mods.

Panel / PCB set includes 1 x LME49710 – DIP8 Chip

THAT 2180 Series - IC Chips

Manhattan Analog recommend THAT 2180B for this project

Black (6.35mm Round Shaft) - 1900h Plastic Knob × 3

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This is a single-channel VCA based on a THAT2180 chip. It’s ultra clean and sounds fantastic. It’s a perfect sonic companion to the MA MIX and also works well as a final output module.

The VCA has a manual gain control (offset) and two independent CV inputs, both with an exponential (audio) response curve. They are configured to take 0-5V CV signals which will open the VCA fully to unity gain. CV inputs above +5V are diode-limited, a feature which can be exploited to change the effective curve of an envelope signal (similar to a “hold” stage in an AHDSR envelope). The inputs of this VCA is AC-coupled, so consider this one for audio only.

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Unlike previous revisions this PCB requires no modifications.

Panel / PCB set includes 1 x LME49710 – DIP8 Chip


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 39mm
  • +12V: 10mA
  • -12V: 15 mA
  • +5V: 0 mA


Additional information

HP Size

THAT 2180 Series - IC Chips

Weight N/A
Audio Grade

2180C – High Grade, 2180B – Super High Grade, 2180A – Pointlessly Audiophile Grade, I will provide my own THAT 2180 IC's

Black (6.35mm Round Shaft) - 1900h Plastic Knob

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