Meng Qi – DPLPG – Full DIY Kit

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Dual Passive LPG

It’s a dual 1-pole vactrol based LPG / VCA module that only takes 2 HP space. It is totally passive, no power required. The electronic components values are carefully picked to be musical and beautiful, by feeding it a trigger you get a the lovely natural decay of a vactrol. Fill all your blank spaces in your system with this very useful and handy little module. This kit contains SMD parts.

Meng Qi does not provide a build document for this module.


1 x Panel

1x PCB

4 x 390R Resistors (0805)

2 x 15nf Ceramic Capacitors (0805 )

6 x Thonkiconn Jacks

2 x 3mm LEDs

2 x 1N4148 (SOD-123)

2 x Vactrol

2 x LED Standoff 9mm


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