Mutable Instruments CVpal – Panel/PCB & Firmware Chip

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Do-it-yourself USB MIDI to CV interface

This is a PCB, Panel and pre-programmed firmware chip only – for a full kit go here

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This is a PCB, Panel and pre-programmed firmware chip.

For a full kit version go here

Mutable Instruments dreamt of a really simple DIY project – so simple that it would allow beginners to enter the world of DIY with a big smile – and yet, interesting enough to be useful in any kind of Eurorack setup. That’s how the CVpal was born! There are only 25 parts to solder; but is an incredibly useful tool allowing you to connect your computer or iPad/iPhone (with camera connection kit) to your modular system or (neo-)vintage analog equipment.

The CVpal features a large palette of control modes – monophonic with velocity and extra square oscillator, monophonic with clock outputs, duophonic, dual monophonic, or even quad trigger conversion! Its 12-bit DAC with an 8-point software calibration curve makes it more accurate than more expensive products.

  • Plenty of modes (mono CV/Gate/Velocity/Square digital oscillator ; duophonic and dual channel modes ; 4 note trigger conversion ; CC to CV conversion…)
  • Digital calibration provides better accuracy than offset/scale trimmers
  • USB-powered
  • Gates are +5V  CV’s are +4V
  • 1ms latency on OS X and Linux, 8ms latency in Windows
  • 40 mm Depth


The CVpal is class-compliant but uses an unusual USB setting (1ms poll-rate in low-speed mode) not well supported on Windows.

Optimal latency is obtained with OS X >= 10.6.3 ; iOS ; or Linux >= 2.6.

On other systems, the CVpal will work but messages will be delayed by up to 8ms.

Conversion modes

  • Monophonic with velocity
  • Monophonic with velocity and square oscillator
  • Dual monophonic
  • Duophonic
  • CC conversion
  • Monophonic with CC
  • Quad triggers
  • Quad gates
  • Monophonic with MIDI clock output

Technical characteristics

Range and standards:

  • CV outputs: 0 to 4V, V/Oct (4 octaves).
  • Gate outputs: Positive V-trig, ON = 5V ; OFF = 0V.


  • Resolution: < 2mV.
  • 8 points calibration curve for non-linearity compensation.
  • Temperature dependency: +/- 2 cents within the 10° C to 80° C range.
  • Output impedance: 220Ω (rule of thumb: 2 cents drop per connection to a CV input).

Power supply:

USB-bus powered, current draw < 20mA.


CVpal on Modular Grid


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