Mutable Instruments Module Tester PCB only

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This is the official Mutable Instruments version of the Tester PCB, manufactured at their preferred PCB facility in the far east.

We are not including the programmed chip any more.

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PCB Only – We cannot provide programmed chips or parts or enclosures.

Full information on the this unit is here. Note that neither Thonk or Mutable Instruments provide formal build support for this project, but there is a thread on Muffwiggler for community support here… and on the Mutable Instruments forum here.


Several problems were faced during the development of the Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules, the module tester solves these.

  • How to power and test a module during development? Bench-top power supplies are cumbersome (especially for projects requiring 3 supply rails) and standard test equipment is sometimes useless or frustrating for quantities like musical notes or V/Oct scales. On the other extreme of the scale, who would run the risk of putting a half-built prototype in a rack loaded with thousands of euros worth of modules?
  • What kind of setup to use for factory testing?
  • How to take a project away from the lab without carrying heaps of “dependencies”?



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