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Drum Creator / Shaper

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N.V.H.S (noise, vibration & harnesh synthesis) mixed with the lovely Befaco’s even vco #nvhspatchingpanda #befacoevenvco #patchingpanda #wintermodulareloquencer

Gepostet von Patching Panda am Freitag, 12. Januar 2018


The NHVS is a drum creator and shaper module, designed to create a vast palette of percussive sounds using external waveforms mixed with an internal noise core, VCF and VCA.


  • 808 inspired noise circuit.
  • BP and LP voltage controlled 2-pole filter with resonance.
  • Internal VCA with fast response, voltage controlled decay and logarithmic fall.
  • External input
  • Skiff friendly
  • Width: 8HP

Note: this module features SMD components.

N.H.V.S Build Document

Can you guess the song? Befaco even vco to N.V.H.S ext input, eloquencer sending gates to N.V.H.S vca and cv to Befaco even, lfo to flipanda and the invert signal to N.V.H.S freq cv. Lots of fun jamming!! #befacoevenvco #wintermodular #eloquencer #flipandapatchingpanda #patchingpanda

Gepostet von Patching Panda am Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

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