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Dual complex noise generator with 3 outputs

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Sneak peek from the lab, SHUBY complex noise for your loving metallic sounds!! New best friend of N.V.H.S #shubypatchingpanda #patchingpanda

Gepostet von Patching Panda am Freitag, 15. Juni 2018

This kit comes in two versions:

  • SMD Full Kit – Requires SMD soldering of IC chips and electrolytic capacitors (all other SMD parts are already soldered)
  • SMD Pre-Soldered Kit – Does not require any SMD soldering – only through-hole parts.

Shuby is a complex noise generator with 2 different outputs. The first output produces clean square waves with sub-harmonics and tone selection, recalling the nostalgic sounds of video consoles and taking them further with strange metallic vibes. The second output is noise based and dedicated to the heavy chaotic metallic winds and explosions from other dimensions. Both outputs share the same signal modulation path, with both manual and CV control over Space and Density controls. Shuby also features a bonus mix output, which combines both outputs together – ideal for creating unique complex metallic percussion sounds.

Shuby Build Document


  • Digital noise generator
  • Tone control switch
  • Space and Density knobs with CV input
  • Individual and Mix audio outputs
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 22mm

Visit us at Modular Day Barcelona!!!

Visit us at Modular Day Barcelona this weekend!!A little demo showing what this little guy is capable to do, no effects no filter, output 2 goes to punch. #patchingpanda #shubypatchingpanda

Gepostet von Patching Panda am Mittwoch, 5. September 2018

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