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These PCBs are all Peter Blasser/Ciat Lonbarde designs which have been put to new PCB layouts by Meng Qi. Please note these are not beginner projects, all the information we have available is listed below or simply what is printed on the PCBs so please read before you purchase. We’re not providing technical support on these boards. Ciat Lonbarde have very active user communities, we have linked to those at the bottom of this page.


The Rollz-5 is at heart a drum machine, but one capable of drones and other weird effects. This unique machine is not driven by a step sequencer, but instead utilizes geometric rolls (and connections among them) to generate unruly polyrhythms.

Originally designed by Peter Blasser from Ciat-Lonbarde, this PCB has been laid out by Meng Qi.

Read more here.

BOM and build thread here.


Stylophone style instrument that enables “press barre” style playing similar to sidrassi and tetrazzi.

Also with external piezo input for processing other instruments.

Originally designed by Peter Blasser from Ciat-Lonbarde, this PCB has been laid out by Meng Qi.

A BOM is not provided by Meng QI, there is a thread on the muffwiggler board here and also you can check the Ciat Lonbarde Facebook group here, or contact Meng Qi for direct support here.


Peter Blasser writes:

What you see here is a dronal, touchable, and diverse instrument modeled after the action of the Din Datin Dudero, a one-off I made to achieve electronic drones of a sophisticated nature. It has a touchable array of 16 brass nodes; 4 of which (Brando Nodes) have the capability when touched to shift the entire instrument into completely new dimensions of droning. Over the years I have been told what would be the ultimate electronic texture generator and this is it:

-two knobs that are big to get fine tuning

-a small but potent forest of touch nodes

-stereo output, with two speakers as monitors, and a volume knob for each channel.

-low battery drain-an easy path to dronal stasis with the possibility for sophistication.

Muffwiggler thread –

ACPS – Aluminum Phosphate Crystal Simulator

Meng Qi says:

One of my favorite Ciat-Lonbarde Design. 

Synth esque tone with a comfortable amount of harsh feel, LOTs of modulation and variations, a certain amount of randomness with my light sensor and filter mod = almost perfect. 


Ciat Lonbarde Yahoo Group –

Ciat Lonbarde Website –

Ciat Lonbarde Muffwiggler group –

Ciat Lonbarde Facebook group –

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