Polaxis Kaiwa Upgrade Kit

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A kit with all parts needed to convert a Polaxis EMY into a Kaiwa

This is a conversion kit for those who already have the EMY module, for a full Kaiwa kit go here

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A kit with all parts needed to convert a Polaxis EMY into a Kaiwa. The Polaxis Kaiwa is a new module based on the core of the Polaxis Emy. Kaiwa hosts a text-to-speech synthesizer with a Japanese robotic voice. Vocal lines or songs are stored on microSD card and composed with lines of rōmaji text – prepare your text file in Romaji and have Kaiwa read it out loud for you! The Kaiwa speech engine recognizes text and various speech modifiers to improve prosody. The chip can also vary the speed, the pitch and the accent of the speech.

Note: This is an upgrade pack containing the Kaiwa Vox add-on PCB and Kaiwa Panel only. For a full Kaiwa kit containing all parts go here


Group your lines into a song and save it as a text file on the SD card :

On Kaiwa, manually pick a song and use the Sound pot or it’s CV entry to pick the line in that song.

A gate signal will trigger the sound while the various pot and CV entries allow tweaking the voice characteristics before processing the speech (not in real time, but they are applied on the next utterance).

Kaiwa – User Manual | Build Guide (All SMD comes pre-soldered)

More demos on Soundcloud

Technical Details:

  • 16 hp
  • micro SD card reader
  • Diode for reverse polarity protection
  • Consumption : +12V 60mA / -12V 18 mA
  • Cortex-M0 ARM processor, Arduino zero compatible
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, 12-bit ADC.
  • CV control designed for  0-5 V entries
  • Busy out signal 5V
  • OLED crisp display
  • mikroBUS host with audio input.
  • Output level 8 Vpp (depending on the trim pot)
  • USB port for communication and firmware updates
  • Onboard mikroBUS board with  ATP3011R4-PU robot voice

Firmware Tools and SD Card Files can be found at Polaxis.be/kaiwa

Polaxis Support Forum: http://www.polaxis.be/forum

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