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Bundle includes:

  • Prok BASSDRUM: Full DIY Kit
  • Prok SNARE: Full DIY Kit
  • Prok HI-HAT: Full DIY Kit
  • Prok HANDCLAP: Full DIY Kit

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Prok drums are compact, expressive, morphing percussion modules. Synthesis not samples!

They have a 12-bit Lo-Fi crunch with virtual analog patch morphing. There is a free software editor that lets you edit and create new patches live.

More info on the individual modules can be found here:

Software Editor

Download the software editor HERE


Prok Drums Build Document and Manual

Open Hardware

Prok Drums are open hardware, they are a modified version of the Music Thing Modular Radio Music module by Tom Whitwell and have the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA: Attribution / ShareAlike. If you use any work from this hardware, you should credit Tom Whitwell, and you must republish any changes you make under the same license. The Prok Drums Eagle PCB projects are available under the creative commons license here – Github Link

The software is an original development which has no relation to and shares no code with Radio Music. It is not open source. The Teensy in this kit comes pre-programmed with the software already loaded. We will sell pre-programmed Teensy’s separately if you accidentally destroy one, and will also provide firmware downloads to any verified existing customers who need to re-flash their Teensy.

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Prok Modular

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